Echo Sixty6 is pleased to announce the launch of our latest project for 11 Jane St.

11 Jane St. is an artist-run creative arts organization and artist residence program, led by artist and choreographer Jennifer Hicks, with a focus on installation, performance and multimedia.

Inspired by the architecture and legacy of the building, our creative team developed the Brand Communication Strategy and Corporate Identity Design, the Positioning Statement/Tagline Art:Incubated, and Website.

11 Jane St. Branding & Corporate Identity Design

11 Jane St. Branding & Corporate Identity Design

Headquartered in a fully renovated 19th-century brick warehouse in Saugerties, NY, the first floor features the Installation Art Performance space housed in the building’s back studio, and Cross Contemporary Art Gallery, led by director/curator Jen Dragon is located in the front when you first walk in. Upstairs is Jennifer HIcks’ art studio, as well as a painting/installation space and a sun-drenched large communal kitchen and meeting area.

11 Jane St.
Installation Art & Performance Space

Opens Saturday, March 30 and runs through Sunday April 28th, 2019.

Gallery hours: Sat and Sun, 12-5 PM
If you’re in Saugerties, NY, be sure to stop by!

The inaugural exhibition features Millicent Young’s When There Were Birds (2019), an installation of 10 ceiling-hung sculptures constructed from grapevine and horse hair. The stunning avian forms — varying in dimensions up to 130 x 96 x 48 inches — occupy the space, interacting among themselves with the movement of air, the fall of light and shadow, and the observer.