Inbound marketing is the process of attracting the attention of qualified prospects, converting them into leads, turning them into customers and delighting them into becoming brand advocates. It’s the promotion of a company through blogs and social media marketing, podcasts and video, newsletters and whitepapers, SEO, and other forms of content marketing strategically positioned to attract fans and customers through the different stages of the purchase funnel.



The Inbound Methodology illustrates the four stages that make up the inbound marketing and sales process. The stages are Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight


There is a need to attract strangers to your site and turning them into visitors. Some of the most important tools to attract new users are blogging, optimizing your website, and social media


Once you’ve attracted new visitors, the next step is to convert some of them into leads by gathering their contact information. At the very least, you will need their email addresses. Contact information is the world of inbound’s currency. In order for your visitors to offer up that currency, willingly, you will need to offer them something in return. That ‘payment’ comes in the form of offers, like eBooks, whitepapers, or tip sheets - whatever information would be interesting and valuable to your prospects. You can convert visitors into leads by using what’s called, as you might have guessed, the conversion process. Website components like calls-to-action and landing pages can entice these visitors and help you get information about them.


In the Close stage, tools like email and a CRM can be used to help sell to the right leads at the right time. Inbound is all about providing remarkable content to your users, whether they’re visitors, leads, or existing customers.


Inbound companies continue to delight and engage their customer base, turning them into happy promoters of the products and services they love.

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