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Experience is...


Client: Reuveni Real Estate

Experience is Everything.

Reuveni Real Estate is a privately owned and operated real estate brokerage company focused on the sale and marketing of conversion and ground-up new development projects, founded by industry expert Shlomi Reuveni, the driving force behind the design, pre-development planning, marketing and sales of more than $3 billion in New York City development projects.

Echo Sixty6 was retained by Reuveni to collaborate with Shlomi, Reuveni’s in-house marketing team and the firm’s brand agency (IF Studio) and public relations agency (Relevance International) to develop the social media strategy for the launch of the firm, set standards, and then transition day-to-day social media management to the firm’s in-house team.


Reuveni Real Estate is a privately owned and operated brokerage company founded by industry expert Shlomi Reuveni.


Social media launch strategy; custom content development; photo procurement; social media management.

Reuveni Content Development

Reuveni Content Development

Content Development / Company Launch


The launch of Reuveni Real estate

Echo Sixty6 developed a content strategy and editorial calendar for the first six months that included company news, press coverage, leadership team introductions, and select content about design, architecture and New York City. As properties were added, we helped promote them via Facebook and Instagram.


I love New York

A series of quotes by New York celebrities, politicians, designers and architects, showcasing Reuveni’s love of all things New York.

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building new york

In keeping with Reuveni’s core strategy of helping to shape New York City’s skyline, we shared content from famous architects, planners and the design community.


Reuveni Gallery

Reuveni Gallery

Meet the Team

The first content shared via social media introduced the world to the Reuveni leadership team and supported the launch of “Experience is…” campaign created by their brand agency.

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